Justin Blackmon

Gundy’s dream scenario for Browns

Justin Blackmon is a legitimate candidate for the Cleveland Browns’ No. 4 overall draft pick, and Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy has a dream sequence that involves two of his players heading to the once-proud franchise.

If the Browns address a team need at receiver with Blackmon, then why not also bring in quarterback Brandon Weeden at picks No. 22 or No. 37? Gundy thinks it would be a monumental moment for the franchise with four NFL championships.

“I think it’d be the best thing that could ever happen to Cleveland,” Gundy said told The Chronicle-Telegram. “People who know me know I wouldn’t say something unless I meant it.”

Teaming Blackmon with up-and-coming receiver Greg Little, who will enter his second NFL season in 2012, could be an enticing option for the Browns’ brass.

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock, however, doesn’t seem to share Gundy’s sentiment (at least in regard to the Blackmon part).

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